Animal Biography

The addax (Addax nasomaculatus), also known as the white antelope and the screwhorn antelope, is an antelope of the genus Addax, that lives in the Sahara desert. It was first described by Henri de Blainville in 1816. As suggested by its alternative name, this pale antelope has long, twisted horns - typically 55 to 80 cm in females and 70 to 85 cm in males. Males stand from 105 to 115 cm at the shoulder, with females at 95 to 110 cm. They are sexually dimorphic, as the females are smaller than males. The colour of the coat depends on the season - in the winter, it is greyish-brown with white hindquarters and legs, and long, brown hair on the head, neck, and shoulders; in the summer, the coat turns almost completely white or sandy blonde.

Zoo Tycoon 2

The Addax is an adoptable animal in Zoo Tycoon 2. It used to be downloaded from the "Extras" section of the official website before the website was discontinued. Though some fans saved the Addax's original setup and can be found with a quick search on the internet. A common bug that fans have when installing the Addax is a popup that says "Zoo Tycoon 2 not installed" this bug occurs because the user has all of the expansions installed which causes the bug. When installing the Addax you must install only Zoo Tycoon 2 and Endangered Species, then the Addax, and then the other expansions. Same goes for the Ultimate Collection as well. Although the Addax requires water to drink to stay healthy, it doesn't directly drink water out of the water dishes provided for it; instead, it fulfills its thirst requirement by eating grass foods and grazing, making it unique among the land-based animals in Zoo Tycoon 2. They can share an exhibit with the scimitar-horned oryx from the Endangered Species expansion pack.

Zoo Tycoon (Xbox)

In Zoo Tycoon (Xbox) the Addax is made available when you zoo fame reaches level 42 in challenge mode.


-The addax is one of the few types of antelope in Africa that can live in the Sahara all year round. Other types of antelope can only live there during the rainy season.

-Addaxes are able to derive all the water they need from the plants they eat.