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A user-made pack created by a team of the same name. This pack will include some exotic and common birds, new foliage and aviary walls.

The animals available in this pack are listed below.


Animal Biome Status
Wandering Albatross Tundra Vulnerable
Whooping Crane Boreal Forest Endangered
Eskimo Curlew Tundra Critically Endangered
Martial Eagle Savannah Vulnerable
Narcondam Hornbill Tropical Rainforest Endangered
Wrinkled Hornbill Tropical Rainforest Low Risk
Crested Ibis Wetlands Endangered
Barn Owl Temperate Forest Low Risk
Great Grey Owl Boreal Forest Low Risk
Snowy Owl Tundra Low Risk
New Zealand Storm Petrel Pelagic Critically Endangered
Brown Eared Pheasant Temperate Forest Vulnerable
Greater Roadrunner Desert Low Risk
Marabou Stork Wetlands Low Risk
Keel-Billed Toucan Tropical Rainforest Low Risk
Temminck's Tragopan Temperate Forest Low Risk
Rüppell's Vulture Savannah Endangered