Camptosaurus is a dinosaur available in Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs. It was a dinosaur related to Iguanodon, and had the ability to stand on its back legs or on all fours. Its biome is the Coniferous Forest, which is a kind of Boreal Forest in Zoo Tycoon 2. Adult Camptosaurs are aggressive, and will kill baby Lambeosaurs

Camptosaurus is a relatively simple dinosaur to exhibit by itself. They do not need a massive exhibit and can either be housed alone or as a pair with their young. They require a dinosaur burrow shelter and like mostly coniferous leaf litter with a bit of grass and drinking water. Their favourite foliage is the Walchian Conifer Tree but they will appreciate other coniferous foliage. They have the potential to be housed with Stegosaurus and Kentrosaurus, but this would be complicated by the stegosaur's dislike of the dinosaur burrow and Camptosaurus' dislike of dirt. Camptosaurus in its own exhibit is very easy to take care of and rarely will go beserk, unless if mistreated. It is also one of the less expensive dinosaurs.


Camptosaurus (KAMP-to-sawr-us) was a genus of plant-eating, beaked dinosaurs of the Late Jurassic Period. The name means 'bent lizard', because, when standing on all fours, its body must have been arched (Greek kamptos meaning 'bent' and sauros meaning 'lizard.')

Camptosaurus was originally descibed by O. C. Marsh in 1879. An alternate name considered was "Camptonotus", or "bent back".

Fossils of these dinosaurs have been mainly found in North America, however a skeleton named Camptosaurus prestwichii was recovered from Chawley Brick Pits, Cumnor Hurst in Oxfordshire in England. The fossil was found when a tramway was driven into the side of a hill and described by Hulke in 1880 as Iguanodon prestwichii, before being placed in its own genus Cumnoria, then Iguanodon again, then Camptosaurus by Lydekker in 1889.

The largest adult camptosaurs were more than 7 m (23 ft) long. They had heavy bodies but, as well as walking on four legs (quadrupedal), they could rear up to walk on two legs (bipedal).

This genus is probably closely related to the ancestor of the later iguanodontid and hadrosaurid dinosaurs. It probably ate cycads with its parrot-like beak.

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