The category for articles on animals in Zoo Tycoon. Please do not add simply any creature to this category, it has to qualify as an animal to belong in this category. In other words, this isn't for every living being in Zoo Tycoon (mostly if it's a user-made creature, as most living things in Zoo Tycoon are animals.)

Also note that just because this is the Animals category, this DOES NOT MEAN it belongs as a category in every other animal-related category. Those categories belong as sub-categories to this category, not the other way around. Doing this can and will result in a ban, and while the first will be short, repeated offenses will result in longer bans. This note officially constitutes as a warning to any editors of this page, and no warnings will be delivered personally to any violators of this particular rule.

For a list of wanted animals, click here: List of Wanted Animals in Zoo Tycoon 2.

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