Cave lion, or Panthera Leo Spelaea, is an adoptable animal in Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals. It is a subspecies of lion that lived in Eurasia. One examined specimen of an adult male had a shoulder height of around 4 ft, and a body length of around 7 ft (minus the tail). This is similar to the size of a very large modern lion. The size of this male, however, has been exceeded by other individual specimens. In the game, its fur is a reddish color. Representations of these animals in cave paintings, ivory carvings, and clay figurines say these cats had rounded, protruding ears, tufted tails, some sort of ruff, or primitive mane, on males, and perhaps faint, tiger-like stripes. Some cave paintings show several lions hunting together, pointing towards the same hunting strategy female lionesses use today. The cave lion's diet may have consisted of animals such as bison and horses.


The cave lion's main biome is Alpine and is compatible with Tundra. The player can even mix the two biomes in a cave lion's exhibit. It also increases animal happiness if the player includes hills and/or mountains in the exhibit.