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This page is a list of cheats in the Zoo Tycoon games.

Zoo Tycoon

Rename one of your zoos guests to the following entries to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Blue guests and buildings Mr. Blue
Yellow guests and buildings Mr. Blonde
White guests and buildings Mr. White
Brown guests and buildings Mr. Brown
Orange guests and buildings Mr. Orange
Pink guests and buildings Mr. Pink
White birds attack Alfred H
Fences deteriorate 100% Russell C
Sick guests Zeta Psi
All scenarios Akiyama
All animal enrichment research programs Lou Catanzaro
All animal care research programs Adam Levesque
All animal buildings Andrew Binder
All animal shelters available John Wheeler
All exhibit foliage Charlie Peterson
All staff education research programs Hank Howie
All endangered animals research programs Steve Serafino

Animal Exhibit Name


Cretaceous Corral
Unicorn Xanadu
Deinosuchus Super Croc
Cheat Activation Effect
Free money Type dollar sign "$" (shift + 4 on QWERTY keyboards) Causes the player's money to rise by fourteen million every minute. Causes fences to rot away.
Double donations Name Exhibit "Microsoft." Causes player's zoo to receive double donations.
  • Putting a Lion, a Tiger, and a Bear in one exhibit unlocks a shiny Yellow Brick Road path for your guests to walk on. Moving or selling one of the 3 animals removes the yellow brick road from the list, but existing tiles will remain in your zoo.
  • With Marine Mania, Putting a Mermaid Statue in a tank filled with water. The statue will now transform into a mermaid.

Zoo Tycoon 2

There are no cheats in Zoo Tycoon 2. However, there are exploits that can be used to the player's advantage.

  • Infinite money exploit: Placing Jeep tracks and placing a low chain-link fence on top of it to create a jeep gate and then selling the jeep gate will grant you more money than the fence costs.
  • Free babies exploit: Adopting a male animal and undoing the adoption after the female animal has become pregnant gives you free baby animals.
  • Release to wild zoo rating exploit: Pausing the game and selecting an animal from the zoo stats window allows the animal to be released multiple times as long as the zoo stats are open and the game is paused. This counts towards the release to the wild zoo rating but not towards achievements.


  • The cheat code names that change the colours of guests' clothes and buildings (Mr [Colour]) are a reference to the aliases used by the criminals in the film Reservoir Dogs.
  • The cheat code name that causes birds to attack guests (Alfred H) is a reference to the film The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock.
  • Several of the cheat codes for the guest names are references to staff members from Blue Fang Games, the developer of Zoo Tycoon.
  • The cheat for unlocking the yellow brick road is a reference to the quote "Lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my!" from the classic 1939 film The Wizard of Oz.