The Common Peafowl, Pavo cristatus, is a member of the pheasant family native to southeast Asia. It is available for adoption in Zoo Tycoon 2.

Although the peafowl is commonly called a peacock, that name properly applies only to males; females are called peahens. Peafowl originated in Asia but have been domesticated in many parts of the world. Their resplendent tail feathers are iridescent green and gold and are ornamented with eyelike markings of a rich color, known as peacock blue.

Zoo Tycoon 2


Peafowls live in the temperate forest biome, but they are tolerable of tropical rainforest and grassland biomes.


Peafowls are herbivores that feed on berries and grass.


Peafowls enjoy the ice block with food and the lockout post.


Peafowls use the small house as shelter.


Peafowls live in flocks. Peahens lay one egg at a time. Peafowls are very easy to please, and tolerate other animals in their exhibit.


Cost: $1,250 Fame Required: 1/2 Star Status: Low Risk Maintenance: Very High Guest Attraction: Very Low Donation: Very Low Base Donation: $60 Maximum Tour Value: 20

Comparisons to Real Peafowl

In the game it is said that this bird lives in the temperate forest of southeast Asia. However, it actually lives in India, which is not considered part of southeast Asia. It is more likely to be found in the scrub or tropical rainforest biomes. The in-game peafowl eats fruit and grass, but it would also feeds on insects and small reptiles. In addition, many zoos have peafowl as free-ranging animals over the zoo grounds; this is difficult in Zoo Tycoon 2 because guests will panic if they see peafowl outside their enclosure.