Deinosuchus is an adoptable animal in Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals and Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs. Deinosuchus was one of the largest crocodilians ever to exist.

Zoo Tycoon

The original version of Deinosuchus was more accurate than the Zoo Tycoon 2 version. It looked just like an over-sized Saltwater crocodile and lives in a Saltwater biome. It can be unlocked by naming an exhibit "Super Croc".

Zoo Tycoon 2

When adopted in Zoo Tycoon 2, Deinosuchus are a bit bigger than a Nile Crocodile, but later grow up to double that size in 2 years, in-game time. Its spiked appearance is very different from most Deinosuchus reconstructions, and has no scientific backup. This version of Deinosuchus usually lives in a tropical rainforest biome, but can tolerate the Wetlands biome with moderate discomfort.

Notably, in Zoo Tycoon 2, the Deinosuchus is the only officially made animal that will actually swallow smaller animals whole. This is the biggest crocodile that ever live it usually roamed in a tropical prehistoric Texas and ate dinosaurs. This croc likes to swim so give them nice area of water and land. Despite their apperance and history they actually care for their young. Like all reptiles in extinct animals they rampage so keep them happy.




Deinosuchus in Zoo Tycoon:Dinosaur Dig

  • For some unknown reasons, in Extinct Animals the Deinosuchus is covered in strange, dinosaur-like spikes, but when in reality it was probably just a gigantic version of an American alligator.
    • In Dinosaur Digs, the Deinosuchus is stated in its Animal Facts that it was a crocodile, even though it was more related to the alligator in real life.
  • Deinosuchus has been known to kill the Tyrannosaurus rex, yet the Tyrannosaurus can also kill it.
  • Deinosuchus is one of only two animals in Zoo Tycoon 2 that have three different sizes (baby, adolescent, and fully grown adult), the other being the Whale Shark. When you adopt one, it is an adolescent and will grow bigger in two years game time.
  • The Deinosuchus has the same diving ability given to other animals (such as polar bears and penguins) after the installation of Marine Mania.
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