Downloads, or Downloadable Content are add-ons to a completed video game that can be added manually or in some cases, locally, that add additional content. In both Zoo Tycoon games, downloads were created by Blue Fang Games, primarily patches and additional animals to keep players interested in expanding their zoos between expansion pack releases. The Asian Elephant is the only animal to have been released as a bonus download for both games.

Both games initially had the ability to download items directly from Blue Fang Games and Microsoft, but the services were later cut off and downloads can only be installed locally by being placed in the Zoo Tycoon 2 directory.

Notable download sites for the original Zoo Tycoon currently include Zoo Admin and Zoo Tek Phoenix.

Notable download sites for Zoo Tycoon 2 currently include The Round Table, Gaia, ZT2 Designing Centre, Zoo Admin, Zeta Designs, Aurora Designs and Zoo Tycoon Wildlife.

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