The Elephant Bird is an adoptable animal in Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals, and was the heaviest bird on that has ever existed. It lives in the Wetlands biome although it cannot swim. Many consider this as an incorrect biome since the Elephant Bird actually lived in Tropical Rainforest areas; however, since prehistoric Madagascar had a wetter climate than today, and no elephant bird fossils had been found in the rainforest-covered area, such claims are probably untrue. There are, however, more serious inaccuracies in ZT2's elephant bird. It has a crest in its head, whereas real elephant birds most likely had a downy covering, like all modern ratites.It ate fruits and plants and was preyed on by the Madagascan Giant Eagle. It weighed roughly 750 to 915 lbs. It lived from 555,000 BC to 1000 BC.