Fantasy Fanatics is a user-made expansion pack group created, by MightyShakespeare (or Mozart), in 2007.Mighty Shakespeare was interested in other designing teams such as Artifex, and WDU so he decided to start his own.He told people about it at Zoo Tycoon Official Forums. Most of the members originate from there.

A forum was set up, originally being on Freewebs, later switched to InvisionFree forum. Which is being used at the moment. When Fantasy Fanatics first opened it attracted a lot of people, wanting to join the team.At first designing went quite slow, but soon animals started to get made quicker.

A few months later, however, an incident at Zoo Tycoon Volcano started a sitewide fight and resulted in Harpier, or taniwha', leaving the site forever. Due to his actions, he was taken off the team and HappyBear', an avid poster at the forums, took his place.

Fantasy Fanatics has recently just hired a new designer.Kingcobrasaurus, and Mighty realized that ever since Goldzone started getting busy with school (he is still a member of the team) that they were the ones doing all the designing.Several possible designers were thought of, and Carnotaurus was chosen.Goldzone has now returned.

Current members

  • Mightyshakespere, Coder, Skinner)
  • Goldzone' (Skinner, Mesher, Coder, Forum head moderator)
  • KingCobrasaurus, or Apep (Coder, Skinner, Mesher, Extra Content Manager)
  • Murdock129 (Skinner, Previous Map Maker, Researcher)
  • HappyBear (Researcher, Map Maker)
  • Carnotaurus (Coder, Skinner, Mesher)
  • Catboy(Skinner)



  • None

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