Titanotylopus or Giant Camel is one of the adoptable animals in Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals or it can be created in the Extinct Research Lab. It resembles the Dromedary Camel of Zoo Tycoon 2. It is extremely rare for anything to hunt them, including dinosaur predators, with the exception of the Killer Penguin.

Zoo Tycoon 2

The "Giant Camel" in Zoo Tycoon 2 typically lives in the Grassland biome, unlike the Dromedary Camel. Adults are about 1.5 zookeepers tall while supers are 2 zookeepers tall. They are golden brown in color with bleached golden under bellies and sport a signature camel hump.


  • These camels have a relatively easy time passing down the "super animal gene," apparently on the level of super Velociraptor.
  • Giant Camels breed well in harems, a female generating, on average, 2 babies at a time. If parents are 'super', then one baby is usually normal while the other is super, although this can vary.
  • Giant Camel males easily mate with any female Giant Camel that has not been mated with by another male or is related by family tree.
  • Super Giant Camels, for all the babies they can produce, have lifespans longer than 3 years, although the exact lifespan has yet to be published.

Zookeeping Tip

Make large habitats if you plan to introduce 2 females and a male, since they naturally take up lots of space. Remember that Giant Camels, especially super ones, have long lifespans and produce lots of babies, so plan accordingly.

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