Herrerasaurus was a small to medium-sized carnivorous dinosaur from the Triassic period, featured in the Zoo Tycoon expansion, Dinosaur Digs.


At one time considered the earliest dinosaur to ever live, Herrerasaurus, or "Herrera's lizard" was named for a rancher in Argentina, where the dinosaur's fossils were first discovered. Although rather small in comparison to its later relatives like T. rex, at ten feet in length, Herrerasaurus was plenty big for its time and was a dominant carnivore. It was also the first to evolve many important adaptations which predatory dinos continued to possess for millions of years. About 10 feet long from snout to tail, Herrerasaurus runs on its hind legs and is fast enough to run down fleeing prey. Its arms are about half the length of its legs, and are each tipped by three sharp claws for grasping and tearing flesh. Herrerasaurus' sharp teeth are curved towards the back of its mouth to prevent prey from wriggling free.

In Zoo Tycoon

Its skin is resembles that of a zebra, white with black stripes. Its biome is tropical rainforest and it eats meat. The Herrerasaurus can jump over low fences, and will break any non-dinosaur fences. It is somewhat larger than the actual animal, which was approximately 10 feet long. The animal in the game is closer to 20 feet as an adult.

The Herrerasaurus's terrain requirements are as follows:

Rainforest Floor 80%
Grass 10%
Fresh Water 10%


  • The Hererrasaurus featured in Dinosaur Digs has, for whatever reason, a bright blue mouth. It is unknown why  Blue Fang made such an odd choice, but perhaps to give it Blue Fangs, amiright!
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