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Iguanodon was a large herbivore dinosaur from Europe. It was around 10-11m (Roughly 30ft) long and it owned five inches long thumbnails. Iguanodon lived in the Cretaceous era. The Iguanodon is included in the Dinosaur Digs expansion pack for Zoo Tycoon. It has not been included officially in Zoo Tycoon 2, but is available in the user-made expansions Cretaceous Calamity and Reptile Rage.


Iguanodon is a genus of ornithopod dinosaurs. It was the first dinosaur recognized, the second dinosaur formally named and described, and with Megalosaurus and Hylaeosaurus, one of the three originally used to define the new classification, Dinosauria.

Iguanodon is an ornithopod dinosaur, more specifically a hadrosauriform iguanodont. They lived between 120 to 140 million years ago, in the Barremian to Valanginian ages of the early Cretaceous period, though one dubious species is supposedly from the late Jurassic.

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