At the time when Zoo Tycoon was made the Japanese Serow was nearing extinction due to hunting, but now the goat's numbers have rebounded so much the they now rank as "Least Concern" and have gained the title as the "living national treasure of the forest".

The Japanese Serow's closest relative is the Taiwan Serow. The two species even share a very similar genetic make up. The few differences are that the Taiwan Serow is smaller and has shorter hair, with brown fur, and a white patch under the chin and throat.

Zoo Tycoon

The Japanese Serow is an ungulate native to Japan. It is available for adoption in the Zoo Tycoon: Endangered Species Theme Pack.

The Japanese Serow likes a slight elevation to their exhibit with lots of rocks, deciduous bush, and Elm trees. Their favorite foliage is the Christmas tree that the player can only get near Christmas time in the game.

In real life the Japanese Serow has a beard and small horns. Though both features could not be added to the game due to the limitations at the time.

The Japanese Serow likes the Deciduous Forest Floor with a bit of fresh water, grey stone, dirt, grass, and brown stone, along with a little elevation. Preferably Hills and small, one block cliffs.

Zoo Tycoon 2

Though not an official animal of Zoo Tycoon 2 there have been fan made creations of the animal.