Kentrosaurus is a large spiny herbivorous dinosaur from both Zoo Tycoon games. Its behavior is not dissimilar from Stegosaurus, which is a larger relative, and the species lived around the same time; however, the two never met. Kentrosaurus finds have only been unearthed in Africa, particularly in Tanzania.

Zoo Tycoon

The original version of Kentrosaurus lived in coniferous forest and was compatible with Stegosaurus, as well as Camptosaurus.

Zoo Tycoon 2

The new version of Kentrosaurus lives in Wetlands. It cannot swim or eat trees or plants placed in the exhibit. It is also not very strong for a dinosaur, but when it is rampaging it can cause a lot of damage if not stopped quickly.

An error is made in the Zoopedia of its scientific name. In the information box it is referred to as Stegosaurus kentrosaurus, however, its scientific name is Kentrosaurus aethiopicus and it is not a species of stegosaurus.