This is a list of official animals in the Zoo Tycoon 2 series.

Zoo Tycoon 2

Picture Animal Biome Status Star Rating Cost Location
Grizzly bear
Grizzly Bear Boreal Forest Endangered 3.5 $15,000 North America
Polar Bear
Polar Bear Tundra Vulnerable 3 $10,000 Arctic
American Beaver
American Beaver Wetlands Vulnerable 3 $10,000 North America
Dromedary Camel
Dromedary Camel Desert Low Risk 0.5 $1,250 North Africa
Cheetah Savannah Vulnerable 2.5 $7,500 Africa
Chimpanzee Tropical Rainforest Endangered 3.5 $15,000 Central Africa
Nile Crocodile
Nile Crocodile Wetlands Low Risk 1.5 $3,000 Central Africa
African Elephant
African Elephant Savannah Endangered 4 $20,000 Africa
Greater Flamingo
Greater Flamingo Wetlands Low Risk 1 $2,000 Central Africa
Thomson Gazelle
Thomson's Gazelle Savannah Low Risk 0.5 $1,250 East Africa
Gemsbok Scrub Low Risk 1 $2,000 Southern Africa
Reticulated Giraffe
Reticulated Giraffe Savannah Low Risk 2.5 $7,500 East Africa
Mountain Gorilla
Mountain Gorilla Tropical Rainforest Endangered 4 $20,000 Central Africa
Hippopotamus Wetlands Vulnerable 2.5 $7,500 Central Africa
Ibex Alpine Vulnerable 1.5 $3,000 European Alps
Jaguar Tropical Rainforest Low Risk 2 $5,500 South America
Red Kangaroo
Red Kangaroo Scrub Low Risk 1.5 $3,000 Australia
Ring-Tailed Lemur
Ring-Tailed Lemur Temperate Forest Vulnerable 3 $10,000 Madagascar
Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard Alpine Endangered 4 $20,000 Asia
Lion Savannah Vulnerable 2.5 $7,500 Africa
Moose Boreal Forest Low Risk 0.5 $1,250 North America
Okapi Tropical Rainforest Low Risk 2 $5,500 Central Africa
Ostrich Savannah Low Risk 2 $5,500 Africa
Giant Panda
Giant Panda Temperate Forest Endangered 5 $50,000 China
Red Panda
Red Panda Temperate Forest Endangered 4 $20,000 China
Common Peafowl
Common Peafowl Temperate Forest Low Risk 0.5 $1,250 Asia
Emperor Penguin
Emperor Penguin Tundra Low Risk 1 $2,000 Antarctica
Black Rhinoceros
Black Rhinoceros Savannah Critically Endangered 3 $10,000 East Africa
Bengal Tiger
Bengal Tiger Tropical Rainforest Endangered 3.5 $15,000 Southeast Asia
Common Zebra
Common Zebra Savannah Low Risk 1.5 $3,000 East Africa

Endangered Species

Picture Animal Biome Status Star Rating Cost Location
Giant Sable Antelope
Giant Sable Antelope Savannah Critically Endangered 2 $5,500 Southern Africa
Spectacled Bear
Spectacled Bear Temperate Forest Vulnerable 4 $20,000 South America
American Bison
American Bison Grassland Low Risk 0.5 $1,250 North America
Caribou Tundra Low Risk 0.5 $1,250 Arctic
Fennec Fox Desert Low Risk 2 $5,500 North Africa
Crested Gibbon
Crested Gibbon Tropical Rainforest Endangered 4 $20,000 Southeast Asia
Horse Przewalskis
Przewalski's Wild Horse Grassland Critically Endangered 3 $10,000 Central Asia
Koala Temperate Forest Low Risk 2.5 $7,500 Australia
Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragon Scrub Vulnerable 2 $5,500 Southeast Asia
Spanish Lynx Temperate Forest Critically Endangered 3.5 $15,000 Spain
Markhor Alpine Endangered 2 $5,500 Asia
Orangutan Tropical Rainforest Endangered 4.5 $35,000 Southeast Asia
Scimitar Horned Oryx
Scimitar-Horned Oryx Desert Critically Endangered 1 $2,000 North Africa
Florida Panther
Florida Panther Wetlands Critically Endangered 5 $45,000 Florida
Javan Rhinoceros
Javan Rhinoceros Tropical Rainforest Critically Endangered 3.5 $15,000 Southeast Asia
Bairds Tapir
Baird's Tapir Tropical Rainforest Endangered 1.5 $3,000 Central America
Galapagos Giant Tortoise
Galapagos Giant Tortoise Scrub Endangered 1.5 $3,000 South America
African Wild Dog
African Wild Dog Savannah Endangered 3.5 $15,000 South Africa
Gray Wolf
Gray Wolf Boreal Forest Low Risk 2.5 $7,500 North America
Wolverine Boreal Forest Vulnerable 3 $10,000 North America

African Adventure

Picture Animal Biome Status Star Rating Cost Location
Aardvark Scrub Low Risk 3 $10,000 Africa
African Buffalo
African Buffalo Wetlands Low Risk 0.5 $1,250 Africa
African Spurred Tortoise
African Spurred Tortoise Desert Vulnerable 1 $2,000 North Africa
Barbary Ape
Barbary Ape Temperate Forest Vulnerable 2.5 $7,500 Northwest Africa
Bongo Tropical Rainforest Low Risk 0.5 $1,250 Central Africa
Caracal Scrub Low Risk 4.5 $35,000 Africa and Asia
Ethiopian Wolf
Ethiopian Wolf Alpine Critically Endangered 5 $45,000 Ethiopia
Gelada Alpine Low Risk 3.5 $15,000 Ethiopia
Gerenuk Scrub Low Risk 2 $5,500 Africa
Mandrill Tropical Rainforest Vulnerable 4.5 $35,000 Central Africa
Masai giraffe
Masai Giraffe Savannah Low Risk 1 $2,000 Africa
Meerkat Scrub Low Risk 3.5 $15,000 South Africa
Nile Monitor
Nile Monitor Wetlands Low Risk 1.5 $3,000 Africa
Pygmy Hippopotamus
Pygmy Hippopotamus Tropical Rainforest Critically Endangered 4 $20,000 Central Africa
Ratel Grassland Low Risk 2 $5,500 Africa and Asia
Secretary Bird
Secretary Bird Grassland Low Risk 3 $10,000 Africa and Asia
Striped Hyena
Striped Hyena Desert Low Risk 4 $20,000 North Africa
African Warthog
Warthog Savannah Low Risk 3 $10,000 Africa
White Rhinoceros
White Rhinoceros Scrub Low Risk 2.5 $7,500 South Africa
Wildebeest Savannah Low Risk 1.5 $3,000 Africa

Dino Danger Pack

Picture Animal Biome Status Star Rating Cost Location
ZT2 Carnotaurus Old
Carnotaurus Boreal Forest Extinct 3 $10,000 South America
ZT2 Styracosaurus Old
Styracosaurus Tropical Rainforest Extinct 1 $2,000 North America
ZT2 Triceratops Old
Triceratops Boreal Forest Extinct 4 $20,000 North America
ZT2 Tyranosaurus Old
Tyrannosaurus rex Tropical Rainforest Extinct 5 $50,000 North America

Marine Mania

Picture Animal Biome Status Star Rating Cost Location
Beluga Tundra Vulnerable 0.5 $1,250 Arctic Ocean
Bottlenose Dolphin Coastal Vulnerable 3.5 $15,000 Global Warm Oceans
West Indian Manatee2
West Indian Manatee Coastal Vulnerable 1.5 $3,000 Atlantic Ocean
Blue Marlin
Blue Marlin Pelagic Low Risk 1 $2,000 Atlantic Ocean
Narwhal Tundra Vulnerable 3 $10,000 Arctic Ocean
California Sea Lion
Sea Otter* Coastal Endangered 2.5 $7,500 North Pacific Coasts
Rockhopper Penguin Coastal Vulnerable 2 $5,500 Southern Ocean Islands
Manta Ray
Manta Ray Reef Low Risk 0.5 $1,250 Global Warm Oceans
California Sea Lion
California Sea Lion Coastal Low Risk 1.5 $3,000 East Pacific Coast
Goblin Shark2
Goblin Shark Benthic Low Risk 4 $20,000 Global Warm Oceans
Scalloped Hammerhead Pelagic Low Risk 3.5 $15,000 Global Warm Oceans
Blacktip Reef Shark
Blacktip Reef Shark Reef Low Risk 3 $10,000 Indo-Pacific Oceans
Whale shark
Whale Shark Benthic Vulnerable 4.5 $35,000 Global Warm Oceans
White shark
White Shark Benthic Vulnerable 5 $45,000 Coasts Worldwide
Leatherback Sea Turtle
Leatherback Sea Turtle Pelagic Critically Endangered 2.5 $7,500 Global Warm Oceans
Green Sea Turtle
Green Sea Turtle Coastal Endangered 1 $2,000 Global Warm Oceans
Pacific Walrus
Pacific Walrus Tundra Low Risk 4.5 $35,000 Arctic Ocean
False Killer Whale
False Killer Whale Coastal Low Risk 4 $20,000 Coasts Worldwide
Orca Tundra Low Risk 5 $50,000 Circumpolar Oceans
Pilot whale
Short-Finned Pilot Whale Pelagic Low Risk 2 $5,500 Global Warm Oceans

Extinct Animals

Picture Animal Biome Status Star Rating Cost Location
Ankylosaurus Wetlands Extinct 4 $45,000 North America
Aurochs Temperate Forest Extinct 1 $5,500 Eurasia
Short-Faced Bear
Short-Faced Bear Tundra Extinct 4 $45,000 North America
Elephant Bird
Elephant Bird Wetlands Extinct 2.5 $15,000 Madagascar
Bluebuck Grassland Extinct 0.5 $3,000 Southern Africa
Giant Camel
Giant Camel Grassland Extinct 1.5 $7,500 North America
Saber-Toothed Cat
Saber-Toothed Cat Boreal Forest Extinct 4 $45,000 North America
Bush-Antlered Deer
Bush-Antlered Deer Temperate Forest Extinct 1.5 $7,500 Eurasia
Deinonychus Tropical Rainforest Extinct 2.5 $15,000 North America
Deinosuchus Tropical Rainforest Extinct 4.5 $60,000 North America
Dimetrodon Wetlands Extinct 3.5 $35,000 North America
Diprotodon Wetlands Extinct 2 $10,000 Australia
Dodo Tropical Rainforest Extinct 0.5 $3,000 Mauritius
Doedicurus Scrub Extinct 2 $10,000 South America
DwarfSicilianElephant F
Dwarf Sicilian Elephant Grassland Extinct 3 $15,000 Mediterranean Islands
Gigantopithecus Tropical Rainforest Extinct 4.5 $35,000 China
Kentrosaurus Wetlands Extinct 2 $10,000 East Africa
Cave Lion
Cave Lion Alpine Extinct 3.5 $35,000 Europe
American Mastodon2
American Mastodon Boreal Forest Extinct 4.5 $60,000 North America
Killer Penguin
Killer Penguin Tundra Extinct None Madagascar
Protarchaeopteryx Wetlands Extinct 1 $5,500 Asia
Quagga in game
Quagga Savannah Extinct 1.5 $3,000 Africa
Woolly Rhinoceros2
Woolly Rhinoceros Tundra Extinct 3.5 $35,000 Eurasia
Sivatherium Savannah Extinct 1 $5,500 Africa
Giant Ground Sloth
Giant Ground Sloth Scrub Extinct 5 $80,000 South America
Stegosaurus Boreal Forest Extinct 4 $45,000 North America
Stokesosaurus Boreal Forest Extinct 1.5 $7,500 North America
Thylacine F-1-
Thylacine Temperate Forest Extinct 3 $20,000 Tasmania
Utahraptor F
Utahraptor Boreal Forest Extinct 4.5 $60,000 North America
Velociraptor Desert Extinct 0.5 $3,000 Central Asia
Warrah Grassland Extinct 2.5 $15,000 Falkland Islands
Giant Warthog
Giant Warthog Savannah Extinct 3.5 $35,000 Africa

Official Bonus Downloads

Picture Animal Biome Status Star Rating Location
Addax Desert Critically Endangered 2 $5,500 North Africa
Asiatic Black Bear
Asiatic Black Bear Temperate Forest Vulnerable 2 $5,500 Asia
Asian Elephant
Asian Elephant Scrub Endangered 3.5 $15,000 Southeast Asia
Black Leopard
Black Leopard Tropical Rainforest Low Risk 3 $10,000 Africa
Musk Ox
Musk Ox Tundra Low Risk 0.5 $1,500 Arctic