Macrauchenia is an adoptable animal in Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs. It is an extinct mammal that lived in South America during the late Neogene, with the last species lasting into the final Ice Age. A strange a creature, it is unknown what its modern relatives are, though the most likely candidates are Llamas and other camels. It was prey for Smilodon.


Macrauchenia lives in grasslands but requires some Brown Stone and snow . Its favourite foliage is the Monkey Puzzle Tree. They also need a shelter, though unlike many other Dinosaur Digs animals they can go into modern day animal shelters such as large stables and wood or concrete shelters, which is very useful for housing a herd and freeing up space. They are one of the more easier prehistoric animals to keep.

ZT1 Macrauchenia

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