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New Shores Launches on Kickstarter![]

Date: 2024-02-07
Author: Mjmannella

ZTBG - New Shores Boxart

Almost 2 years after the board game's announcement, Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game by Treecer has launched the Kickstarter for an expansion pack titled New Shores. For those who are interested in contributing to this product, please click this link to help fund the exciting stretch goals!

A Board Game is in the Cards![]

Date: 2022-27-09
Author: Mjmannella

ZTBG - Landing Page

Marking the franchise' latest appearance in over 5 years, Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game by Treecer is set to have its Kickstarter go live sometime in late October. Read more about the game on its official website.

As Featured![]

Date: 2020-18-11
Author: Mjmannella

Just yesterday, the Zoo Tycoon wiki has been mentioned by Wired. It is quite amazing to see how far the series' community has truly come!

Rtrifunovski Rtrifunovski 7 December 2023

A Definitive Edition Duology

Based on the current remastering of the Age of Empires series, published by Xbox Game Studios.

  • 1 Zoo Tycoon
    • 1.1 Base Game content
      • 1.1.1 Features
        • Interf…

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CrashBash CrashBash 25 September 2023

Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game - Animal Criteria

Since I now have Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game, I thought it might be a good idea to gather all the information about each animal in the game. For those …

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SafariKid2 SafariKid2 2 September 2023

List of Animals in Zoo Tycoon (RSN Complete Collection style)

Here is the list of animals from Zoo Tycoon (but with the roster of animals from RSN's Complete Collection pack).

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Terrain Shellfish ZT2

Shellfish as it appears in Zoo Tycoon 2

shellfish is a food item available for feeding marine animals in Zoo Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon 2.
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