The Logo has a picture of a dinosaur walking between the trees.

Marvels 3volved formally known as the Mysterious Map Marvels, sometimes known as MMM, is a Zoo Tycoon 2 user-expansion team. Originally founded to create new maps for the game, they are currently working on making user expansion packs. MMM were originally based off popular fansite Zoo Tycoon Volcano, which is focused on extinct and prehistoric animals. Notable works include the Jurassic Park Pack and Cretaceous Calamity.


Current Members of Mysterious Map Marvels are as follows:

  • DragonGod (Leader, Skinner, Mesher)
  • Harlequinz Eg0 (Animator, Coder, Mesher)
  • JohnVMaster (Coder, Community Relations)
  • Mr Samosaurus (Mesher, Animator)
  • DinoRexChris (Mesher, Animator, Coder)
  • Doc589 (Mesher, Skinner)
  • Pouakai (Map Drafter, Zoopedia Writer)
  • Paleodude (Mesher, Coder, Skinner)

Inactive Members

Past members that have either left the team or are currently inactive:

  • GrimpyNZ (co-leader, map drafter)
  • Trexroarr (animal placement specialist)
  • Zooasaurus (foliage maker, coder)
  • Walrus93 (mesher)
  • Golden_Lemur_Man (mesher, object creator)
  • TyrantTR (mesher)
  • Fennec Nichov* (researcher, website manager)
  • King Hoopla* (coder, mesher)
  • Badisbadis101* (coder)
  • Spinodragon* (co-leader, map improvements )
  • DinosaurMan* (mesher, object creator)
  • Exitree* (skinner)
  • ZooMaster* (website mananger)
  • Simba* (mesher, skinner)


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