The perentie, Varanus giganteus, is the largest monitor lizard or goanna native to Australia, and the fourth-largest living lizard on earth, after the Komodo dragon, water monitor, and the crocodile monitor. Found west of the Great Dividing Range in the arid areas of Australia, they are not a common sight because of their shyness and the remoteness of much of their range from human habitation.

In Zoo Tycoon (Xbox)

The perentie lizard is an adoptable animal in Zoo Tycoon (Xbox).

Fun Facts

  1. The perentie lizard can run up to 40 km / h. It's almost as fast as an Olympic sprinter!
  2. The perentie lizard is the largest lizard in Australia, with a length of just over 2 meters.
  3. The perentie lizard prefers dry environments and digs into the sand when it feels threatened.
  4. If the perentie lizard is threatened is its position on its hind legs, blowing up the neck and hisses loudly.
  5. The perentie lizard has long been hunted by the indigenous people of Australia for the sake of the flesh.