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Plesiosaurus was a four flippered marine reptile from the Jurassic period featured in the Zoo Tycoon expansion, Dinosaur Digs. Ingame, Plesiosaurus is a yellow-green color. Their exhibit requires saltwater, along with a small area of dirt and sand. They can also be placed inside tanks.

Like most ZT1 animals, there are attempts of making a usermade Plesiosaurus into ZT2, although so far they are mostly in the making (except Styxosaurus [a closely related sea reptile], present in the teaser for the Sea Monster pack, at Zoo Tycoon Volcano). One of the main reasons for the lack of an actual Plesiosaurus download is because, like many other sea reptiles, it had an unique way of swimming present in no animal in Zoo Tycoon 2 (the closest animations are those of turtles).