Protarchaeopteryx is a dinosaur from Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals. Similar to the Secretary bird, it behaves more like a flightless bird then a non-avian dinosaur. They will sometimes use their brightly colored feathers to display for mates and intimidate rivals. A native of Eastern Asia, its primary biome is wetlands, despite the fact that it can't swim. Interestingly, despite being flightless in life, the Protarchaeopteryx will sometimes fly around in the game. Also, Protarchaeopteryx eats meat and insects in game but in life it was thought to have been primarily a fruit eater. In game it is a very powerful and aggressive animal for its size, and in particular do not seem to tolerate Flamingos and will attempt to kill them on sight.


Protarchaeopteryx robusta is a turkey-sized feathered dinosaur from China. Well-developed, vaned feathers extended from the short, stubby tail; the hands were long and slender. It appears to be one of the most primitive members of the Oviraptorosauria and the large incisor teeth suggest that it is closely related to Incisivosaurus. It was probably an herbivore or omnivore.

Protoarchaeopteryx is probably more primitive than Archaeopteryx, making it a non-avian theropod dinosaur rather than a true avian bird. Protoarchaeopteryx had symmetrical feathers on its arms. Since modern birds that have symmetrical feathers are flightless, and the skeletal structure of Protarchaeopteryx would not support flapping flight, it is assumed that the Protoarchaeopteryxwas flightless as well. In the game, Dimetrodon also finds them very delicious.