The short-faced bear is an adoptable animal in Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals.


The short-faced bear was the largest bear species ever to exist. Its skull and teeth more closely resembled a lion than today's bears. It was also the largest land predator during the Ice Age and one of the largest primarily terrestrial member of order Carnivora to have ever lived, save for perhaps Ursus Martimus Tyrannus, or as it is more informally known The Super Polar Bear. The short-faced bear was also called the bulldog bear. This bear, while omnivorous in the game, was in reality a pure carnivore who would only occasionally eat insects or berries.

The short-faced bear was not particularly manuverable while running (its short tail would not allow it to shift its inertia in an especially quick manner when it was running at high speeds.) However, it was incredibly quick with a top speed of 30-45 miles per hour and the capability to run for long periods of time. The bear acquired its food through a combination of scavenging and hunting, and due to its high speeds it could chase prey other bears couldn't, such as horses. If it had the element of surprise, it could catch even incredibly fleet footed animals such as the American Pronghorn, Cougars, and the American Cheetah.

The short-faced bear walked rather like a camel, one side of its body moving forward at a time. This was very efficient for traveling and saved a lot of energy. Unfortunately, this could not save it when man's hunting and climate change removed large prey animals from the environment (the majority either went extinct, or moved to other areas.) After that, the animals that preyed on those prey animals, like Saber Toothed Cat or the dire wolf, went extinct along with them. Unable to scavenge off of other animals kills and losing it's preferred prey items, as well as directly becoming a prey item of man itself, and being solely a meat-eater, the short-faced bear faded out of existence.

In Zoo Tycoon 2

This version of the short-faced bear is unrealistically powerful, as it defeats nearly every other mammalian terrestrial carnivores, all birds, most reptiles, and even the Polar Bear all without fail, when in real life it would lose more often than it does in the game to the Polar Bear, as though it is a good deal larger, it is more lightly built. However, the Short Faced bear is more well desig
Short faced bear ae
ned to kill large terrestrial animals and has longer, sharper claws and a more potent bite. This is the 8th largest mammalian terrestrial carnivore in-game, and one of the hardest animals to breed. They tend to be very solitary. Many fans have disregarded the Short-Faced Bear for it's uncanny and "unoriginal" resemblance to the Grizzly Bear. The Short-Faced Bear's biome in game is Tundra though it also likes the Alpine and Boreal Forest biomes just as much (as long as the glacier is in the exhibit), it also loves water in it's exhibit and spends a lot of time in the water. Despite no evidence from its fossil remains that it was particularly aquatic, it has tank building on its zookeeper recommendations just like the polar bear. Though realistically the Short-Faced Bear lived in mountains and woodlands. A better primary Biome would have been the Boreal Forest


During the ice age in North America, short faced bear hunted many large mammals such as bison, horse, camel, pronghorn and mammoth.