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Spinosaurus was a large predatory dinosaur well known for its appearances in the film Jurassic Park III and the fact it was bigger than the presumed largest predatory dinosaurs. It is larger than Tyrannosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, and Gigantosaurus. It featured in Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs. The name Spinosaurus derives from the fact that the dinosaur had a large flap of skin protruding from its back that was held up by elongated vertebrae, and was probably used to make the animal look larger to rivals or perhaps colour could be flushed through the structure to attract a mate.

In Zoo Tycoon

While they are not available in the original Zoo Tycoon, the Dinosaur Digs expansion pack adds them to the game. Spinosaurus are an adoptable dinosaur that lived in the Cretaceous period. They are easily upset, and escape if given even the smallest of chances. They jump low fences, so they require a high fence to keep guests safe and Spinosaurus from running wild, although a sunken exhibit is also an option as long as the exhibit is at least two levels into the ground. Upon meeting a male guest, it will roar loudly at him until he falls down, although he will not be killed.

They are capable of battling the Tyrannosaurus rex, although they are usually defeated. It eats most other animals and attacks all herbivores, especially if they are smaller than itself, and is not compatible with any other sort of animal. They are a very strong and dangerous predator, one of several elements that makes their upkeep rather difficult at times. Players are recommended to take many precautions when building a Spinosaur exhibit.

The main biome for Spinosaurus is Coniferous Forest. They generally like a large amount of rocks in their habitat, like the Large Rock and Coniferous Rock Formation, as well as several plants such as the Yew Tree and Norfolk Island Tree. There should be about one hundred squares of space, or 10x10 per Spinosaur. The terrain should have about 25% grass, and a bit of dirt and water. This should be ideal for the dinosaur, keeping it happy and preventing it from rampaging as long as other standards are met, such as having a Dino Cave for shelter.

They require high happiness to breed, making them a bit difficult to keep, although once they reach this point, they have a high reproduction rate. Unfortunately, there is a ten month interval before the dinosaur can produce another child. It takes them three months to grow from the child stage to adult, and a twenty four month lifespan, leaving twenty one months of adulthood and only two points in time during which they can reproduce. The Spinosaurus lays eggs, each of which takes fifteen days to hatch. Each reproduction cycle can only bring a maximum and minimum of just one egg, furthering the already great difficulty of obtaining more spinosaurs. More impatient Zoo Tycoon players may simply buy more Spinosaurus, each being $4,100, although this is not recommended. Oftentimes, a spinosaur itself will be content with only having one or two other spinosaurs in its exhibit, though it will be unhappy alone.

The Spinosaurus is incorrectly depicted as having an allosaurid-like head, despite the fact they were more crocodilian in shape. Spinosaurus also most likely inhabitated coastal regions, rather than Coniferous Forests.

In Zoo Tycoon 2

Though never officially released, Spinosaurus can be found in the unofficial expansion packs Jurassic Park Operation Genesis, Jurassic Park Pack and Cretaceous Calamity. The ZT2 designer Ludozoo made a statue of a Spinosaurus fishing with a Lepidotes in his mouth. Another user, Simba, created a considerably more realistic version.  Several personal use reskins and remakes of this one were created by the members of The Round Table, Zoo Hispania and Gaia. Other members, like Philly and UT2 showed a Spinosaurus that they have currently not released.

A new version originally intended for Cretaceous Calamity was released in September 2014 at Zoo Tycoon 2 Designing Centre due to new discoveries that rendered it, as well as all previous versions of the animal, inaccurate. A new version will be released for the expansion at a later date.


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