The thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger, is an adoptable animal included in in Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals. It is a marsupial, like the kangaroo, but is carnivorous (it is the only official carnivorous marsupial included in ZT2.) It became extinct in the 1930s due to overhunting, although they were already in decline since the arrivial of the dingo to Australia thousands of years ago. Today, however, there are still sightings of thylacine-like animals in Australia.

The thylacine thrived in Tasmania until its discovery. From then on, its population sharply declined due to hunting. This was also due in part to the introduction of the dingo to Australia from Indonesia, which caused competition. The thylacine eventually became extinct when the last captive specimen, "Benjamin" (undocumented gender), died in captivity in September of 1936. Thylacine were judged unfairly and killed because domesticated dogs killed sheep and farmers thought thylacines were up to


Although it sometimes uses its own animations ingame, most of the used behaviors and animations are from the Bengal tiger. Unlike many other dog or cat-like animals, it can rear on its hind legs. Instead of roaring to show anger or while attacking, like the Bengal tiger, it "gapes". Basically it opens it's mouth to scare other animals. It also reproduces very often.


The Thylacine's main biome is temperate forest, but can tolerate grassland.