Tropical Rainforest

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Zoo Tycoon 2
Year-round Rain
Broadleaf Evergr.
Very High
Congo Basin, Amazon, Western Ghats, & South Pacific Island Forests

Tropical Forest is a biome in Zoo Tycoon 2.


Most tropical rainforests, or moist forests, are located near the equator and tend to be hot and humid, but have the highest concentration of rainfall anywhere. Due to high amounts of sunlight and year-round rainfall, these rainforests are some of the most productive ecosystems in the world and have a large diversity of species. Trees are evergreen and have broad-leaves. Several different layers of vegetation are also prominent in a tropical rainforest and many species have become adapted to these different layers.


Animal Status Star Rating Location Pack
Bengal Tiger Endangered 3.5 Southeast Asia Zoo Tycoon 2
Chimpanzee Endangered 3.5 Central Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Jaguar Low Risk 2 South America Zoo Tycoon 2
Mountain Gorilla Endangered 4 Central Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Okapi Low Risk 2 Central Africa Zoo Tycoon 2
Black Leopard Vulnerable 3 Africa Downloads
Baird's Tapir Endangered 1.5 Central America Endangered Species
Crested Gibbon Endangered 4 Southeast Asia Endangered Species
Javan Rhinoceros Critically Endangered 3.5 Southeast Asia Endangered Species
Orangutan Endangered 4.5 Southeast Asia Endangered Species
Bongo Low Risk 0.5 Central Africa African Adventure
Mandrill Endangered 4.5 Central Africa African Adventure
Pygmy Hippopotamus Critically Endangered 4 Central Africa African Adventure
Deinonychus Extinct 2.5 North America Extinct Animals
Deinosuchus Extinct 4.5 North America Extinct Animals
Dodo Extinct 0.5 Mauritius Extinct Animals
Gigantopithecus Extinct 4.5 China Extinct Animals
Styracosaurus Extinct 1 North America Dino Danger Pack
Tyrannosaurus rex Extinct 5 North American Dino Danger Pack
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