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United Design Team, or UDT, is a user-expansion group. They are currently working on the expansion Loony Locations. The release date set around late spring to early summer.

Zoo tycoon 2 reptile rampage



  • Beluga
  • Brachiosaur
  • Carnoraptor
  • Coolcon55
  • Dandelion Mane
  • Dinosaur
  • Jntg4
  • Omega
UA boxart



Loony Locations


The "box art" for Loony Locations.

Is a pack that goes around the world show casing animals from all over, making player wanna go loony! Completed by an elegant heath hen,the dangerous El chupa cabra, and the cannibalistic lab raptor. Plus giant items such as the Gigantopithicus statues, and the loony themed objects. Loony Locations was founded by Beluga a member of ZTV on Oct 13 2007. A year and a half has been going on with this expansion. LL unfortunately has been delayed to be released in September but think about it more stuff for player to enjoy and a back to school present.

The Loony Location's pics will added soon

Loony Locations site