• Delete all the spam pages.
  • Place all of the article stubs in their respective article stub tags.
  • Complete placing all articles in the categories in which they belong.
  • Rename all of the articles to titles with proper grammar.
  • Make proper redirects for all of the articles that need them.
  • Add photos for all of the articles that require them.
  • Make all necessary disambiguation pages.
  • Place photos in all of the proper categories.
  • Remove unnecessary 'candidate for deletion' tags.
  • Fix up category trees.
  • Give descriptions to all categories that need them.
  • Make categories...
  • Make pages for plants.
  • Make pages for workers and NPCs.
  • Make pages for items.
  • Make more Zoo Tycoon-focused pages, since the Wikia is primarily Zoo Tycoon 2.
  • Hire sysops and administrators.
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