Utahraptor (pronounced YOO-tah-rap-tur,
Utahraptor in zt2 by gryphonsandraptors-d34sodl

A male utahraptor.

Like the US state Utah) is a large predatory dinosaur featured in Extinct Animals. They are depicted as having gender dimorphism, the males having a large mohawk-like crest, while the females lack this. Utahraptor will rampage. They will use the painting easel, using their opposable claws to hold the brush. Making them one of the most intelligent animals in ZT2. Unlike Velociraptor and Deinonychus, it does not hunt in packs, but it still is a social animal.

Utahraptor's preferred biome is boreal forest ( even though in real life they probably lived in scrub, or desert.) But it can tolerate grassland and tundra to a degree. It does not have feathers, with the exception of the crest on the males and the fluffy down on the babies. Utahraptor is the largest of all raptors, being about 21 ft long and 10 and a half feet tall. Their height in the game is smaller than what paleontologists depict. Utahraptor's strength within the game is not as it would have been millions of years ago, and the fact that it is capable of killing a Tyrannosaurus Rex is false (at least not 1 on 1).


The largest of the deinonychosauria, the dinosaur Utahraptor ostrommaysorum of the Barremian epoch in the Cretaceous period was a vicious predator in its time. It relied on its foot long claws on either foot to deliver the death blows to its victims while it held them down with its elongated arms. At anywhere between 5–7 m (16–23 ft) in length and possibly up to 14 ft tall, it posed a dangerous threat, and theoretically could take down anything it chose, given that it hunted in packs. The intelligence of the creature is debated, albeit it is considered to have been very intelligent for a dinosaur, making it a successful variant among its kind. Like Troodon, Utahraptor may have been as intelligent as a modern bird of the same size.Kirkland, Gaston, and Burge discovered this dromaeosaurid in 1993 in Grand County, Utah, within the Cedar Mountain Formation. It was during their discovery that the movie Jurassic Park was being filmed, and, upon hearing of the find, the filmmakers used it as a model for their Velociraptor, although this story may be apocryphal as the movie raptor was between the sizes of Deinonychus and Utahraptor.The name Utahraptor ostrommaysorum means '[Dr.] Ostrom and Mays' Utah raider.'


In real life the Utahraptor is san average sized predator, but in Extinct Animals it is larger than a T-rex. Also, in reality Utahraptor had feathers covering most of, if not all of its body instead of just some on its head. However at the time of the game's release scientists did not know this yet.