The Woolly Rhino, Coelodonta antiquitatis, first appeared some 350,000 years ago and may have survived until as recently as 10,000 years ago. Their fossils are not uncommon and have been discovered throughout Europe and Asia, although apparently they did not manage to extend their distribution into North America or to Ireland. Well-preserved remains have been discovered frozen in ice and buried in oil-saturated soils. At Staruni in what is now the Ukraine, a complete carcass of a female Woolly Rhino was discovered buried in the mud. The combination of oil and salt prevented the remains from decomposing allowing the soft tissues to remain intact (International Rhino Foundation).

Wooly rino

Real Wooly Rhino Skeleton

Woolly rhinoceros is an adoptable extinct rhinoceros in both Zoo Tycoon games. It behaves and appears almost identical to the previous rhinos (black and white).

Zoo Tycoon

Location: Europe

Timeline: Ice Age

Attractiveness: Adult - 20 / Young - 40

Minimum Cost: $2,500 (1 Animal)

Animals in Exhibit: 1-2

Exhibit Type: Tundra

Exhibit Size: 60 Squares

Elevation: 10%

Crowd Shyness: 30

Strength: 180

Initial Happiness: 70

Zookeeper Food Type: Large Grass & Leaves

Zoo Tycoon 2

Biome: Tundra

Cost: $35,000

Fame Required: 3 1/2 Stars

Status: Extinct

Maintenance: Medium Low

Guest Attraction: Medium

Donations: Medium Low

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Boreal Forest


Many fans have disregarded the Wooly Rhinoceros for it's uncanny resemblance to the White Rhinoceros, only with brown fur.

For an strange, unknown reason in ZT1 they will kill reindeer if you put them in them in the same exhibit.