Spotted Cuscus, Visayan Warty Pig, Hawaiian Monk Seal, and Flatback Turtle as seened in the Island Excursions poster

Zoo Tycoon 2: Island Excursions is a user made expansion created by Artifex. It is a tropical Island themed expansion which will have many animals and tropical scenery. Island Excursions is the second expansion created by Artifex, following Arabian Nights.  You can download it from Zoo Tycoon User - Made Creations.

Press release

On January 11, 2008, Artifex announced that they were developing a new expansion pack, Island Excursions. The announcement stated: "We are preparing to embark upon an excursion to travel the oceans in search tropical paradise! We hope to sail away into the tropics and discover the isles hiding within. The Hawaiian Islands and Papua New Guinea are just a few of the places we plan to explore, seeing such animals as the Hawaiian Monk Seal and the Northern Cassowary as they live in their lush and vibrant homes. We will be documenting our trips and showing you all of the wondrous plants and animals we see. Once we set sail we'll be sure to send information." Through a regularly updated "Ship's Log", animals, foliage, and buildings were revealed over time. The first log went with a bonus download available on the Artifex website, the Vancouver Island Marmot. Artifex designers have said that working on Arabian Nights has given them much practice for this expansion. In late 2009, Artifex began releasing Island Excursions in parts much like Arabian Nights earlier. Unfortunately, due to the timing between releases of the packs, many members have lost interest.


Animal Biome Status Scientific name Expansion required Picture
Aye-Aye Tropical Rainforest Endangered Daubentonia madagascariensis none
Northern Cassowary Tropical Rainforest Vulnerable Casuarius unappendiculatus none
Sulawesi Palm Civet Tropical Rainforest Vulnerable Macrogalidia musschenbroekii Endangered Species
Cozumel Island Coati Wetlands Low Risk Nasua narica nelsoni none
Spotted Cuscus Tropical Rainforest Low Risk Spilocuscus maculatus none
Sri Lankan Axis Deer Temperate Forest Vulnerable Axis axis ceylonensis Endangered Species
Visayan Spotted Deer Tropical Rainforest Endangered Rusa alfredi Endangered Species
Dingiso Tropical Rainforest Critically Endangered Dendrolagus mbaiso none
Hector's Dolphin Coastal Endangered Cephalorhynchus hectori Marine Mania
Sulawesi Ground Dove Tropical Rainforest Low Risk Gallicolumba tristigmata none
Speckled Longfin Eel Tropical Rainforest Low Risk Anguilla reinhardtii Marine Mania
Falanouc Tropical Rainforest Endangered Eupleres goudotii African Adventure
Channel Island Fox Scrub Critically Endangered Urocyon littoralis Extinct Animals
Cuban Hutia Tropical Rainforest Low Risk Capromys pilorides none
Javan Langur Tropical Rainforest Vulnerable Trachypithecus auratus African Adventure
Bornean Clouded Leopard Tropical Rainforest Vulnerable Neofelis diardi none
Mahi-Mahi Coastal Low Risk Coryphaena hippurus Marine Mania
Vancouver Island Marmot Alpine Endangered Marmota vancouverensis none
Visayan Warty Pig Tropical Rainforest Critically Endangered Sus cebifrons African Adventure
Sumatran Striped Rabbit Tropical Rainforest Critically Endangered Nesolagus netscheri none
Cozumel Island Raccoon Wetlands Endangered Procyon pygmaeus none
Spotted Eagle Ray Reef Low Risk Aetobatus narinari Marine Mania
Hawaiian Monk Seal Reef Endangered Neomonachus schauinslandi Marine Mania
Borneo River Shark Tropical Rainforest Critically Endangered Glyphis fowlerae Marine Mania
Hispaniolan Solenodon Tropical Rainforest Low Risk Solenodon paradoxus none
Takahe Grassland Endangered Porphyrio hochstetteri none
Notornis (also known as the Takahe)
Tamaraw Tropical Rainforest Critically Endangered Bubalus mindorensis African Adventure
Streaked Tenrec Tropical Rainforest Low Risk Hemicentetes semispinosus none
Flatback Turtle Reef Low Risk Natator depressus Marine Mania
Southern Minke Whale Coastal Low Risk Balaenoptera bonaerensis Marine Mania


Island Excursions was anticipated greatly, as Artifex is by far one of the most famous designing groups, as famous as Mysterious Map Marvels and Worldwide Designers United. Their previous expansion, Arabian Nights, recieved worldwide acclaim by players, who were shocked and amazed at the fact that Artifex could mesh marine mania animals. In particular, the Southern Minke Whale is by far the most famous animal in the expansion, often described as "one of the greatest user-made animals ever". It is to be noted that it is the very first baleen whale made for Zoo Tycoon 2.

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