Zoo Tycoon : Marine Mania

Zoo Tycoon Marine Mania.jpg

Blue Fang Games
Microsoft Game Studios
Release Date:
October 17, 2002
Marine Animals, Aquatic Shows, Tanks, New Zoos, Scenarios, Scenery, Marine Specialists, & Marine Props


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'Zoo Tycoon: Marine Mania is a expansion pack for Zoo Tycoon. It was released on October 17, 2002, exactly 1 year after the original game. This was the 2nd expansion pack for the Zoo Tycoon series. It was eventually bundled with Dinosaur Digs and the original game in a compilation pack called Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection.


As the name suggests, Marine Mania focuses on marine animals. The player has the option to make tanks using brand new fencing specifically designed to contain marine animals.

There are 2 new features included in Marine Mania. The first is the ability to create Marine Shows. By connecting the tank of certain animals to a specifically designed show tank, the player can create their own show, choosing which tricks the animals will perform and how often they will be held. The second is to build "combined" exhibits, which consist of tanks with a land section for amphibious animals to access. The majority of animals from the original game and Dinosaur Digs that could swim gain access to tanks (the only exception is the Greater Flamingo), but only a zookeeper can tend to them.


Animal Cost Perform in Shows? Picture Where found
Atlantic Swordfish $1,000 No
Atlantic Swordfish.png
Atlantic Ocean
Beluga $850 No
Arctic Ocean
Bluefin Tuna $500 No
Bluefin Tuna.png
Atlantic Ocean
Bottlenose Dolphin $1,000 Yes
Bottlenose Dolphin.png
Many Oceans Worldwide
Bowhead Whale $5,000 No
Bowhead Whale.png
Arctic Ocean
Common Sawfish $950 No
Common Sawfish.png
Tropical Oceans Worldwide
Elephant Seal $1,500 No
Elephant Seal.png
Northern Pacific Ocean
Giant Squid $6,000 No
Giant Squid.png
Many Oceans Worldwide
Great Barracuda $650 No
Tropical Oceans Worldwide
Great White Shark $2500 Yes
Great White Shark.jpg
Many Oceans Worldwide
Green Moray Eel $800 No
Green Moray Eel.png
Atlantic Ocean
Green Sea Turtle $600 No
Green Sea Turtle.png
Tropical Oceans Worldwide
Hammerhead Shark $1,250 No
Hammerhead Shark.png
Tropical Oceans Worldwide
Harbor Porpoise $800 No
Harbor Porpoise.png
Pacific Coast
Humpback Whale $4000 No
Humpback whale.jpg
Many Oceans Worldwide
Lion's Mane Jelly $900 Yes
Lion's Maine Jelly.png
Many Oceans Worldwide
Manta Ray $850 No
Manta Ray.png
Tropical Oceans Worldwide
Narwhal $1200 No
Narwhal ZT.jpg
Arctic Ocean
Orca $2,500 Yes
Many Oceans Worldwide
Pacific Octopus $900 No
Pacific Octopus.png
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Walrus $1,250 No
Pacific Walrus.png
Arctic Ocean
Shortfin Mako Shark $1,200 No
Shortfin Mako Shark.jpg
Tropical Oceans Worldwide
Southern Sea Otter $800 Yes
Southern Sea Otter.png
Pacific Coast
Sperm Whale $3,000 No
Sperm Whale.png
Many Oceans Worldwide
Tiger Shark $1,800 No
Tiger Shark.png
Tropical Oceans Worldwide
West Indian Manatee $1,100 No
West Indian Manatee.png
Atlantic Coast
Whale Shark $2,800 No
Whale Shark.png
Tropical Oceans Worldwide

Unlockable Animals

In Zoo Tycoon: Marine Mania, one new unlockable animal is available:

Animal How to Unlock Perform in Shows? Picture
Mermaid Put the Mermaid Statue in a tank of water. No

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