Zoo Tycoon 2: Arabian Nights is the first user made expansion pack for Zoo Tycoon 2. It was created by Artifex. Arabian Nights features animals and scenery from the Middle East. It was released on October 1, 2007, during the Islamic festival of Ramadan. Some of the building designs came from another game called Civilization IV. You now can download it form Zoo Tycoon User - Made Creations.



Animal Biome Status Star rating Expansion required Picture
Hamadryas baboon Desert Low risk 1 African Adventure
Baluchistan Bear Alpine Critically endangered 4.5 Endangered Species
Baluchistan bear
Houbara Bustard Desert Vulnerable 1 none Bustard, Houraba
Sand Cat Desert Low risk 1.5 Endangered Species
Sand Cat
Lesser Civet Grassland Low risk 1.5 none
Civer, Lesser
Mugger Crocodile Wetlands Vulnerable 4 none
Mugger Crocodile
Persian Fallow Deer Temperate forest Endangered 4.5 Endangered species
Indus River Dolphin Desert Critically endangered 5 Marine Mania 2
Dolphin, Indus River
Blanford's Fox Desert Vulnerable 2 Endangered Species
Arabian Horse Desert Low risk 0.5 Endangered Species
Arabian Horse
Rock hyrax Scrub Low risk 0.5 African Adventure
Sindh ibex Alpine Vulnerable 3 none
Sindh Ibex
Indian Gray Mongoose Scrub Low risk 3 African Adventure
Desert Monitor Desert Endangered 4 African Adventure
Smooth-coated Otter Wetlands Vulnerable 3 Marine Mania 2
Arabian Partridge Desert Low risk 1 none
Caspian Seal Coastal Vulnerable 2 Marine Mania 2
Black Stork Wetlands Low risk 0.5 none
Beluga Sturgeon Coastal Endangered 4.5 Marine Mania 2
Caspian Turtle Wetlands Low risk 1 Marine Mania 2
Arabian Wolf Desert Critically endangered 4 African Adventure


Many people have called Arabian Nights one of the best UXPs. However,it has been criticized for lack of variety, by a small amount of people. Also some people have trouble getting their animals to eat. A member on zoo tycoon volcano commented, "Yet, with so many more varied UXPs coming, with amazing animals, and one even coming out with a new biome, I'm hoping that Island Excursions can do better." You can find a download link for Arabian Nights at Zoo Tycoon Wildlife . com

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