Zoo Tycoon 2: Mobile

Zt2 mobile

Game Designer
Joe Schultz
Aleksey Subbotin, Aleksey Ragozin, Aleksey Kanin, Eugene Silin, and Roman Bader
Peter Kotov, Elena Stukalina, and Igor Ivkin
Concept Artist
Maciej Borcz
Technical Writer
Ekaterina Chekanova
Marina Sokolova
Executive Producers
Eugene Sotnikov and John Newcomer

Zoo Tycoon 2: Mobile is available on almost any phone and does have a few extras not available on the PC or DS.

  1. Photo Objective Code - In the game there are various photo objectives, when you complete one you will gain a code. If you go to this URL - you will be able to enter the code and take full advantage of it. To view your code simply start the Mobile version & select Zoo Photos from the Main Menu, then select Objectives. For the Photo Objectives that you have completed, the name & code will appear next to the photo icon!
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