Zoo Tycoon Hideout (Briefly The Hideout) was a Zoo Tycoon fansite that was founded by JVM on March 16th 2006, and was one of the longest open and updating Zoo Tycoon fansites, and was the first to feature an active arcade and dedicated chat system. It was also among the first to focus on Zoo Tycoon 2 and contain exclusive downloads for either game. The main mascots of ZTH were Claws the Baryonyx, Goldie the Tiger and Greg the Monkey.

The last iteration of the site opened on November 2nd, 2011 until August 18, 2014. It's assets were transferred to ZT2 Designing Centre, and later to Zoo Tycoon Volcano, it's longtime affiliate.


ZTH was at first a very prosperous site, with over 1,000 members and frequent visitors including Kodiak, Zooasaurus Rex, King Hoopla, Panda Lover and Redpanda Rex. In addition, it also hosted many then-exclusive downloads including the Prehistoric Theme Packs and Shark Packs. In mid-2007, Zooasaurus' site Zoo Tycoon Volcano, which was previously inactive, experienced a massive surge in activity and many of ZTH's exclusives were added to it's library as general downloads due to the shared staff teams between the sites. Many of admins were forced to attend to personal needs at this time, however, and ZTH declined in activity.

From March 12th to May 30th, 2008, Zoo Tycoon Hideout was briefly merged with founder JVM's personal site JohnVMaster's Hideout, forming The Hideout, and the site membership doubled in only a month. Due to various irreconcilable problems between the formerly separate staff teams, the sites were split again, and the original ZTH was the first Zoo Tycoon site to convert to ZetaBoards, before cries to return to InvisionFree caused it to move yet again.

HideoutOn February 5th, 2010, ZTH was attacked by an unidentified shock spammer who accessed administrator -DR-'s account. It was originally believed to be Darkpkmn, though the spammer's exact identity remains unclear. The site's inactivity resulted in it being closed again on August 15th, 2010, and administrator JVM left the community for a period shortly later, resigning from his staff position at Zoo Tycoon Volcano on November 8th, 2010.

It ultimately reopened once again a year later on November 2nd, 2011, as a place for JVM to continue to release creations for download, and this version boasted many new features such as a chat system, an arcade, and like/dislike buttons. Former exclusives have been re-uploaded and new ones added. Due to conflicts within the administration that began to pour out on other sites, the ZTHR era staff team was demoted en mass in summer 2014 and the site closed soon after.

When JVM received control of ZT2 Designing Centre in August 2014, he closed Zoo Tycoon Hideout to transfer what meaningful content (downloads and tutorials) remained to ZTDC and some former staff members have become download managers.

Intersite Relations

ZTH had always maintained a close relationship with Zoo Tycoon Volcano due to similar roots and many shared staff. ZTH was also affiliated with Caldera Unlimited, Cascata and Zoo Kingdom. ZTH was also long affiliated with Zoo Tycoon Breakout and the original Zoo Tycoon Extinction.

"Can't Tell"

Can't tell was a guest that posted in guest forums of ZTV, Stalkers ranch and ZTH. He is considered a Troll by The majority of the ZT community. He is working on a pack called Horrifying Dinosaurs but was IP banned from ZTH and Stalkers ranch. He has insulted Black rhino ranger and ZTH and is currently offline.



An exclusive in development.

The site had an extensive number of downloads throughout it's existence for both Zoo Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon 2, and eventually became home to Zoo Tycoon Volcano and Caldera Unlimited's equally extensive download libraries. Though for many years downloads required between ten and fifty posts, they are currently offered for free at participating locations.

It also had it's own exclusive design team, Designers of the Hideout, who were working on a user expansion pack entitled Lost Treasures. The released North African Elephant, Mexican Grizzly Bear and Western Black Rhinoceros were intended to be part of the pack. It was also intended to be the final release location for the UXT user expansions Wild Wings and Reptile Rage, both of which remain buggy and incomplete.

Many of these downloads are being moved to Zoo Tycoon Volcano.

User Expansions

The site currently houses many of the released user expansions for Zoo Tycoon 2:


The site's exclusives were mostly developed by JVM and the design teams User eXpansion Team, Worldwide Designers United, and the Mysterious Map Marvels. These downloads are currently being moved to ZT2 Designing Centre, and some updates are planned:

  • Bally Python
  • Giganotosaurus
  • Entelodon
  • Afrovenator
  • Megalosaurus
  • Carcharodontosaur Pack
    • Carcharodontosaurus
    • Carcharodontosaurus (JP version)
  • Spinosaurus by Lordoftheworms
  • Dracorex
  • JP Velociraptor Pack
  • Gray Reef Shark
  • Ornithomimdae Premium Pack
  • Mhorr Gazelle
  • Wooden Information Sign
  • Dusky Dolphin
  • Placeable Butterfly
  • Common Pheseant
  • Mexican Grizzly Bear
  • Oceans Pack V2
    • Blue Whale
    • Colossal Squid
    • Sperm Whale
    • New Zealand White Shark
    • Double-Tusked Narwhal
  • Loch Ness Map
  • Adasaurus
  • Low Glass Fences
  • Atlantic Spotted Dolphin
  • Dire Wolf
  • Western Lowland Gorilla
  • Western Black Rhinoceros
  • North African Elephant
  • Cownose Ray
  • Steller's Sea Cow
  • River Dolphin Pack
    • Amazon River Dolphin
    • Bolivian River Dolphin
    • Indus River Dolphin
    • Ganges River Dolphin
    • Yangzte River Dolphin
    • La Plata Dolphin